Leadership Management

Every leader needs enlightenment. Our goal is to bring you face to face with hard truths and tough, practical situations. We’ve identified that new leaders, managers, and even people with experience in leading teams do not take their time to be fully trained for challenges that lay ahead in this field, hence the reason why they get drowned in the murky waters of tough situations. Our leadership management organizational courses are designed specifically to help you build and manage your team. We give tailored guides for handling every capacity, from volunteers to interns and other members of management.

Dynamic Training

We also train startup entrepreneurs in all industries, equipping them with the knowledge to make their brands stand out from the crowd. We ensure that you hone your skills by focusing on your unique selling point. In this day and age, we know that it takes courage to start any sustainable venture, and perseverance and consistency are required to succeed in said venture, which is why we have programs specifically tailored to make organizations, NGOs, and startups build up their uniqueness, and thrive amidst the competition . With practical solutions to pressing needs, you no longer operate in survival mode but conquer your industry.

Our Commitment to Lifelong Relationship

We also equip you with strategies for financial development and fundraising for your venture. One of the major challenges for businesses and nonprofits is management. We, therefore, ensure that you’re educated enough to impact and interpret your knowledge for your team.

We do not aim to only provide one-off services to you as a leader, we desire to build a lifelong relationship with you and your brand. We ensure you have sustainable practices to help you build other relationships with other professionals that train alongside you.

Topics We Discuss


Nonprofit/Business Management

Empowering leaders to succeed through Nonprofit/Business Management. Providing the tools for growth and success.

Nonprofit Board of Directors and Governance

We support nonprofits with governance training for success. Good governance is crucial. Our aim: support nonprofit mission and integrity.


We help leaders succeed globally by providing tools for leadership success. Our courses include fundraising strategies for financial development.

Marketing and Communications

We assist leaders with marketing and communication to succeed. Our services are tailored for effective results.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development focuses on enhancing the skills and knowledge of leaders to help them excel in their roles. Our mission is to support leaders in their growth and success, enabling them to lead with confidence and make a meaningful impact.

Strategy and Planning

We empower leaders with the skills to plan and execute successful strategies. Our goal is to support leaders in their journey towards attaining their goals.

Nonprofit Team Development

Nonprofit Team Development enhances team performance for nonprofits be enhancing team member’s skills and supporting them with training to foster individual and collective growth.

Main Services

One-on-one coaching for CEOs provides tailored support for leadership growth and development.
Our mentorship program pairs leaders with our CEO for personalized and transparent guidance to reach leadership and organizational development goals.

Management Coaching

Management coaching aims to enhance leader success through personalized support and tools. Our coaches help with skill and strategy development.

Classes, Workshops & Training

Our classes, workshops and training equip leaders with the knowledge to achieve their leadership aspirations and attain mastery and excellence in their field.

Clients We Worked With

Have a project in mind?

We can help you bring your ideas to life. Let’s talk about what we can build and raise together.

Let us build a flourishing organization together

When you connect with us, you are not just growing your organization. We have you covered and we will contribute to the growth of your entire team and organization. We are the agency that’ll help you build a lasting impact and bring in more supporters, funds and partners.


What Clients Are Saying

Kia was great... she gave me lots of ideas specific to fundraising, engaging and re-engaging donors and creating systems for communication/social media. She spoke from a place of experience being a non-profit leader, which was really nice. highly recommend!

Linda M. President of Miracle 139 International

Ishekia shared detailed information and suggestions to consider for the project. Her contribution will help to keep the focus as we move forward.

Joy G. President of the Institute for the Preservation of African American Music

I enjoyed the depth of the material - example going into 990 tax return to find the exact spot where an organization indicates if it accepts unsolicited grant applications. This is great practical information that will lead to saving time and working on things that matter. It's invaluable.

Anonymous Anonymous

The call with Kia was excellent! Her deep knowledge and experiences were evident with every word she spoke. She promptly followed up with helpful resource into too.

Jackie K. Founder & CEO of Fayton Foundation

Kia is amazing. She really understands the start up struggle for small nonprofits. I got some really great quidance from her. She ver Quickly was able to give me an organized par to further utilize projects and utilize some other resources as well my ouroose in requesing a call was to get some assistance in oronazire projects in our marketing and putting together accompushed. wit now be able to plan 2-3 projects.

Patrica F. Director of Pony Partners Nonprofit Marketing Strategy

It was helpful to connect with Kia and brainstorm next steps in our Advisory Board

Karla N. YMCA of San Francisco

Kia was exactly what I needed. I truly appreciate her time. knowledge, calm and encouragement.

Nikki B. Executive Director, Educare

It was great getung to speak with ishekla about social mecialshe was very personable. knowledgeable, and had great insights and iceas nen it came to honorotit Social Media. I am very chankfut she coon the time co look at our placroms, go over them win me, and provide her osaback as wellas answer my Questons!

Robert A. Director of Operations Recover Werks

Very easy to understand, important topics for beginners were covered, and just want to thank you!!!

Anonymous Anonymous

I enjoyed the fact that the seminar was friendly and open. yet at the same time very professional I felt very comfortable, and that if had any questions they would he listened o and answered

Henry H. Anonymous